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Lurking right behind you...ha! ha! made you look!

Special Screening

For those near the Corvallis area, I'm passing on this announcement from Paul Turner, owner of the Darkside Cinema :

SPECIAL EVENT: Monday, December 17th at 7:30 pm.
Corvallis, Oregon ER physician and filmmaker Dr. Paul Hochfeld is in the process of making an important documentary about the underlying pathology of our health care system. Whereas this year's semi-documentary SICKO made you laugh and cry, Dr. Hochfeld's film, OUR AILING HEALTH CARE (55 min.), moves beyond making our country's medical nightmare an entertainment piece and into a systematic examination of the systems and financial perversities that compromise the wellness of everyone in this nation. In a series of interviews with local and national physicians, the documentary highlights the elements of the problem which need to be addressed in our search for a "solution."

Shot across the country with many people of differing specialties and political insight, OUR AILING HEALTH CARE is a concise examination of how this country has been led down a path of high profits for some and bankruptcy for almost anyone else who has the misfortune of getting sick. To the extent that the focus of our system is on making money (profits) more than on making people healthy, it actually represents a threat to the overall health of our society.

Monday, December 17th at 7:30pm, we will be screening this film at the Darkside Cinema for FREE. In return for free admission, we ask that you stay after the film for a discussion with filmmaker Dr. Hochfeld and Paul Turner, owner of the Darkside. We are looking for input and opinions as this film moves into the last stages of production before release.

Darkside Cinema
215 SW 4th
Corvallis, OR 97333
Darkside Cinema website
(parking is usually a problem - get there early)
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