Lurking right behind you...ha! ha! made you look! (lurkitty) wrote in oregonpolitics,
Lurking right behind you...ha! ha! made you look!

Here we go again!

Just four days before Oregon would join the ranks of those states allowing domestic partnership rights, a Federal judge has put a stay on the law going into effect.

At issue is the statistical method used by the Secretary of State's office to calculate the number of valid signatures on petitions handed in by opponents of the law. The Office ruled in October that there were not enough signatures turned in to hold a referendum on the measure, which was enacted into law by the legislature. Under Oregon's system, any measure enacted by the legislature may be brought to referendum if enough signatures are collected. The Office determined that the petition was some 116 signatures short. The group bringing the case says the method used for determining the number of valid signatures is flawed and lead to valid signatures being uncounted.

A hearing has been set for February.

Haven't we dealt with this enough?
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