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Lurking right behind you...ha! ha! made you look!

Larson complaint dismissed by Oregon Bar

Lars "little-Limbaugh" Larson has been foiled in his efforts to resurrect a 30 year-old scandal and connect Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski to the sordid affair.

Earlier this year, Larson charged that Gov. Kulongoski knew about allegations that Neil Goldschmidt had sexually abused a teenaged girl in the 1970's. Larson complained to the Oregon State Bar, trying to get the Governor disbarred. Larson appealed the Bar's first rejection of his contention, which concluded that Larson has produced no new corroborating evidence beyond the accusations of Goldschmidt's former speechwriter, Fred Leonhardt. Without such evidence, it is, essentially, Kulongoski's word against Leonhardt's. One wonders what would happen to the Republican Party if all of Bob Packwood's friends were similarly called to account for what they knew way back when!

This story has never been about justice for the woman, who has repeatedly asked that the story be dropped and she be able to continue her life in peace. Goldschmidt apologized to her and paid for years of therapy for her long ago. This is a sorry attempt by Larson to use the ages-old scandal to try to loosen the grip of the Democratic Party on the Governor's office. It speaks well of the Democrats that this is apparently the only thing Larson can find to rant about.
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