J (virtual_anima) wrote in oregonpolitics,

Political Cooperation!

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - A day after plans to bankroll a rainy day fund were left for dead on the floor of the Oregon House, Republican and Democratic leaders announced a surprise resurrection of the proposal.

The agreement followed marathon negotiations between party leaders that lasted all day Wednesday, and comes just 24 hours after House Republicans and Democrats deadlocked over competing versions of a one-time plan to divert $275 million in corporate kicker funds and stash the money away for future hard times.

This year's legislative session began with grand promises of bipartisanship from both parties, but that goodwill appeared to melt away earlier this week, when the parties defeated each other's plans on straight party-line votes, despite being not that far apart on the details.

But Wednesday's sweeping agreement sent a far different message, tackling one of the most divisive fiscal issues facing this year's lawmakers - a revenue-raising measure that needed votes from both sides in order to move through the House.

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